Commercial Concrete Coating Services

Garage Force of DFW North is your premier distributor and installation crew for concrete restoration and coating options for commercial business owners. In the commercial setting, the concrete coating is more important to help preserve the life of your concrete flooring as well as provide a visual appeal to your space that exudes professionalism and cleanliness. Our polyurea and polyaspartic flooring systems provide the ultimate in durability. We are able to repair cracked and damaged concrete and then apply our concrete coating to provide a polished look that will continue to protect the concrete floors beneath while remaining nearly impenetrable. We are able to apply our concrete coating to any surface that is made of concrete to include showroom floors, garages, restaurant and store floors, commercial kitchens, and auto repair shops. From rough, functional surfaces to high-gloss showroom quality floors, Garage Force of Dallas Fort Worth North is your go-to for all things concrete coating. If you have any custom project ideas, we are able to assist you with our various products, colors, and finishes, check out our options and recent projects here.

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Best Garage Floor Coatings in Dallas Fort Worth

While you could choose to leave your cement floors in their raw form, over time and under heavy traffic, they will begin to wear and crack, this potential becomes greater when floors are exposed to industrial pressures or the natural environment. When it comes to concrete coating and flooring options, there are many commercial acrylics and stains to choose from that are sure to make your floors appealing to customers. However, the line of floor protectants offered from Garage Force isn’t just better looking, they are longer lasting. Select from our full line of quality, affordable products:

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Why Should You Invest in Polyurea and Polyaspartic Garage Floor Coating Systems From Garage Force?

The short answer is to protect your concrete floors and to add a visual element that no other concrete flooring option can offer. But, there are many other reasons as well! At Garage Force of DFW North, the installation process usually only takes a single day and never leaves behind dust, odor, or volatile chemicals, which means you can get on with business quicker than with any other flooring option. All of our Garage Force concrete coating flooring systems are anti-slip, meet OSHA workplace requirements, are resistant to impact and abrasions, are easy to clean and can handle industrial cleaning equipment, and are 20 times more durable than epoxy floors. What this means for you is nearly no maintenance and you can forget about floor repair and replacement! We are able to include a wide range of design features to help your commercial business better appeal to your customers’ visual senses as well as offer a functional working surface for your employees, no matter your industry.

If you have dirty old concrete or you are completing a new concrete lay, contact us to help you restore and protect your residential concrete flooring.