1. Benefits of Garage Floor Coatings

    For a lot of men and women across the country, their garage is something of a haven. Maybe they work on their car or other handy projects, use it as an art studio, or just make a sweet (wo)man cave. Whatever the use, their garage is important to them, and they want to take care of it. Taking care of garage floors is what we are all about here at Garage Force of North DFW. That is why we offer gara…Read More

  2. Signs That You Need to Renew Your Garage Floor

    Some people keep their garages more pristine than a museum. Others use their garages like storage units, complete with floor-to-ceiling boxes, spiders, dirt, and possibly mice. Wherever you land on the garage care spectrum, the fact remains that maintaining your garage is part of supporting your home’s value. Chances are good that your garage floor takes a lot of abuse, and the good news is, gar…Read More

  3. Spring Cleaning Ideas for Your Garage

    While the winters here in Dallas/ Fort Worth aren’t entirely brutal, things can get messy and spring is the perfect time to get things cleaned up! When spring comes around, most people’s attention shift to cleaning up their homes and manicuring their lawns to prepare for summer, while the garage continues to be brutally overlooked, year after year. This spring, take the opportunity to show som…Read More

  4. Stronger Than Epoxy: Our Garage Floor Coating Solutions

    For some people, their garage is very important to them, and they would like to do everything they could to keep it protected. Epoxy is hugely popular because it makes floors more durable, easier to clean, more chemical resistant, and more slip resistant, along with a host of other benefits. But why settle with something good when you can have something better? Our patented DFW garage floor coatin…Read More

  5. The Evolution of Garages

    Here at Garage Force of North DFW, we offer garage coating protection that not only improves the safety and aesthetic of your garage, but protects it with a coating that is over 20 times stronger than epoxy. When you want to keep your concrete floors pristine and also add functionality to your garage, our garage floor coatings are a cut above the rest. There is no better way to keep your garage fl…Read More

  6. Uses for a Garage

    In case you hadn't noticed, we kind of have a thing for garages here. They are such a versatile room, we are proud to do our part in protecting them with our North DFW garage floor coatings. These coatings are over 20 times stronger than epoxy, and faster to install. But enough about us. We like to learn about you, and all the great uses you put your garage to. Feel free to send us new ideas, but …Read More

  7. Our Garage Floor Coating Systems

    Here at Garage Force of North DFW, we know just how important a person's garage can be to them. That is why we are so proud about our contribution to garages across the nation; patented DFW garage floor coating systems that are over twenty times stronger than epoxy. We have previously gone over some of the benefits (besides amazing strength) our garage coatings have over epoxy, including a faster …Read More

  8. Welcome to Garage Force DFW!

    Everyone says that kitchen and bathrooms sell a house, but that isn’t universally true. The garage plays a significant role in a home’s value as well. It is a room just like any other in your home, and its features get duly noted by prospective owners. Even if you aren’t selling your house, the condition of your garage affects other investments, like cars, bikes, and equipment. A dirty old g…Read More